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    Using Premiere as an alternative to Cine-X to create presets for RED One Camera


      Hello all,


      I'm just looking for some advice about using the source settings option in Premiere CS5.5 for creating a look that my DP can then use as preset stored on an SD card on the RED One.  I know I can do this all within Cine-X but being a Windows user, it seems that the latest build of that freeware is very clunky and buggy, often crashing unexpectedly! Premiere seems to be a far more stable environment so I'd prefer to do the hard work in there through the source settings window and then just do the export of that look within Cine-X to an SD card to slot into the camera.


      I'm a bit new to this DIT thing, being a staunch believer in good old 35mm generally, and so not very comfortable with the layout of Cine-X, compared to Premiere where I feel right at home! I'm guessing if I save the look that create in the source settings monitor for a R3D clip to the RMD file and then open that same clip in cine-x for export to an SD Card, it should load that same look off the RMD file? That's not too crazy a thought is it??


      Also, assuming the above works, once I'm in Cine-X, how do I export that preset look I created within Premiere, to an SD card so my DP can replicate it for every shot following? (totally newbie question I know :P) Any help and suggestions soon would be greatly appreciated as I am doing some camera tests with the DP this Saturday and don't want to let him down!