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    Video export - no sound

    MedicalMaz Level 1



      I've been using PE 9.0 and editing WMV, MOV files, some are prores, some are just standard wmv videos that need clipping, all have audio.  I've not encountered issues with republishing after an edit, transitions work etc.  Just use computer share option, MPEG, FLV, WMV and MOV worked originally.


      Yesterday I tried to edit a video file, clipped and removed the part and shared as a WMV.  Played it and found the sound didn't work.  It was as if it was muted.  Tried multiple settings, tried various sound settings, best I get is a buzzing when published.  Tried MOV and I get a compile error, same with AVI.


      Figured it was the video so went back to an older video that I've worked on previously and tried to republish it to see if I could get audio (WMV/MOV format) seeing the same thing - muted or buzzing.  Tried stripping the audio and reimporting the audio and sharing again to no avail.


      I have an NVIDIA Quadro FX 580 graphics card and an integrated soundcard (SoundMax), it's a reasonably good spec Dell workstation, I'm on 9.0.1 and wonder if an upgrade has taken out the codecs or something?  Can anyone shed any light?


      Not a video expert by any means, tried all sorts of import settings too, but haven't altered the way I've used PE9 and it used to work??


      Thanks - MedMaz

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Where are your original videos coming from, MedMaz? Are they from a camcorder, downloaded from the internet or what?


          Have you tried reproducing a video output using an old video that previous did work? This would be a good way to test to see if the problem is the video source or if something else has changed on your computer.


          If the problem is an outdated audio driver, then none of your videos would have audio. I don't think that's the case, is it?

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            MedicalMaz Level 1

            Hi Steve,


            Thanks for the response.  The videos come from a variety of sources, usually not directly from a camera, they're all post production files that are needing editing.  So regular fare WMV files.


            Yes I've done a lot of editing with some hi-end prores MOV files that worked really well, I've published those files into a variety of formats,  Done the same with other standard WMV files and played around with them.  Publised to WMV, MGEG, FLV, MOV without a hitch, although usually rendered at a lesser quality to put up onto the internet audio used to work fine.  Tried one of these older files and did some tests, tried a variety of formats but still cannot get audio to play, it's like the file is muted.  (It's not incidentally) ;-)



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              MedicalMaz Level 1

              Also thinking about it, I did install some bluetooth headphones, wondering if they could have caused issues?


              Got me looking over the hardware/audio, doesn't look like there is anything out of place in terms of soundcard.



              Going to share and selecting computer I can access a variety of formats.  Using my older videos and trying to re-render a clip using the following formats, (audio plays in scrubber btw):


              low quality wmv settings, = 64bit, 44khz, stereo VBR = no sound

              Just selecting whatever the default option is under share

              AVI = error compiling video

              MOV = error compiling video

              MPEG = black video screen, no sound


              Wondering if uninstalling and re-installing could work?

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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                So are ANY of your video files playing with audio?


                And which program are you using to play them?


                I might well suspect your new headphones may have installed something.

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                  MedicalMaz Level 1

                  Windows Media Player 9 I think.  Used to play fine with this.  Tried an FLV player also, both doing the same.  Took samples home and used a newer PC, saw the same under that PC last night.


                  None are playing.  Fooling around with the audio selections I've managed to get one sample to provide a nasty buzzing sound as if it had corrupted or not correctly compressed using the audio codec.

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                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                    Okay, that's very different. Now you're saying that NOTHING plays with your media player.


                    That means the problem is more fundamental. I'd go to the Control Panel and check your Sounds and Audio Devices.

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                      MedicalMaz Level 1

                      So to qualify.  I can hear videos I've previously edited and published. I can also hear audio on the timeline inside Premier Elements.  I cannot hear audio when I publish the edited file.


                      I've now reinstalled Premier Elements, gone to Dell and downloaded and reinstalled my audio driver.


                      Gone to system/device manager and checked the audio codecs, audio driver etc, cannot see anything wrong.


                      Tried to publish with WMV format and it won't work on the 9.1 setting, voice setting produces the buzzing noise using one of the other audio options under WMV.


                      Trying to publish as a QuickTime or AVI movie I get the error compiling movie message.


                      MPG seems to publish but I get a black window and no audio.




                      Clearly something is screwed up with my audio but I cannot pinpoint the issue.

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                        Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                        Sorry. I have no other advice. I'm not sure what's going on with your system, but it's apparently something we can't troubleshoot on this forum.