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    Importing Slides and Objects from another Captivate Project




      I'm working in Captivate 4.  I am creating an updated version of a course which was also created in Captivate 4.  The course consists of slides imported from PowerPoint as well as screencaptures from an application.


      To save time, rather than re-creating all the objects, I imported them from the older course.  However, after I did that, any attempt to insert any standard objects (rollover images in this case) gave me an error message and the application shut down.  The file is completely corrupted.  Does anyone have any idea why this happened?  The only other thing I can think of is that I do tend to copy and paste images onto slides (rather than using the insert functionality). Although most of the time, the application allows it, sometimes it locks up the course.  Could that be the culprit?  Any insights would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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          Seems indeed that something got corrupted, could be a slide (or more) or objects. But it is difficult to tell the real cause. To detect the culprit, try to copy to a new blank project (same resolution), but not all slides at once. How did you copy/paste images: from another application or between slides? If it is from a graphical app please use the Insert function to preserve quality.