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    5.5 trial: zero denominator error message

    Jon-M-Spear Level 4

      First, from within PP 5.5 trial version, I tried to dynamically link an XDCAM clip between with AE 5.5 trial version.  The footage in AE was interpretted as audio only, when it is 1080p 25. ) I have a simple MP4 comp in AE5.


      The same interpretation happens if I do a straight import of the XDCAM into AE5.5.


      Opening AE5 and importing works as expected, so I saved the AE5 comp and opened it is AE5.5 trial.  Once it converts the project to 5.5, I receive the error message:  zero denominator converting ratio demoninators. (17::18).  Once I have clicked through several of these messages, they return when I attempt to scrub the timeline.


      Can anyone give me a steering, please, or is this a trial limitation?