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    Help on Flex Project




      First, I want to say I'm a designer, not a coder/programmer. I work with a programmer though, but I just came here to garner some info, as he just doesn't seem arsed looking anything up. He works solely in LabView and the UI elements in LabView are brutal, so I want to skin that/run an app on top of LabView that will look a lot better.. I see from this blog post  http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flex/articles/flex_kiosk.html#ionComHeading that you can build a UI for a Kiosk using Flex. I'm building a UI at the moment (AI, PS and Flash Catalyst for mocking it up) to give my programmer an idea of what I need. I need to be able to talk to the app through Flex, as it is stated in the Blog post:


      You can, for example, create and ActiveX or Java application that has native support for hardware interaction. The application might have to be signed (and trusted) in order to run with heightened permissioning to talk to the hardware; but as long as you have a valid Certificate Authority (CA) and signing certificate, it should be no problem. To bridge the ActiveX or Java application to Flex, I use ExternalInterface and create a hardware class in my Flex app that will take care of everything for me.


      What is that Externallinterface? And what does he mean by creating a hardware class in his Flex app? I have no idea where to begin. Help would be appreciated.