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    Regular Expression: Find any character except a specific word or expression?


      Hi everyone,


      Hope someone can help me...!


      Is there a way, with regular expression in Dreamweaver, to find every character except a specific word or tag in a find and replace? Not some characters, but a specfic expression.


      If I use, for example, ([^<a href]*), it will find everything except < or a or h or re, etc. not the expression: <a href!


      Here is an example of what I want to do:


      <a name="([^"]*)"([^<]*)>([^<a href]*)</a>


      An other similar problem. In the following example:


      <a name="([^"]*)"([^<]*)>Whatever it is</a>


      What should I write instead of "Whatever it is"? I really mean whatever (<,",=,/,>,etc.) !