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    MP4 sync issues


      The MP4's play perfectly in the quicktime player but in Premiere they are off by varying degrees sometimes up to a minute even. On the timeline it appears that the audio is compressed and playing much more quickly than the video.


      I had similar problems in the past with files from the same producer. However last time I was able to change the extension before importing ( which would then allow the file to import with the audio and video playing at the same rate) and then sync them up manually on the timeline. It worked everytime.


      This time however when I change the extension Premiere brings it in as an audio only file.

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Have you dragged the clip down to the NEW ITEM icon, to be sure that Premiere is "seeing" it correctly?

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            joe bloe premiere Level 5

            It would be helpful if a post for "dragging to new item icon" that includes

            an indicative screenshot could be added to the FAQ drop-down List.



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              RhettBic Level 1

              Thank you both for the tip. I tried it with the file for which I changed the extensioin and also with the original mp4.  It didn't change anything. Also I noticed that the video was a different frame rate than my timeline was set for. I corrected that problem as well but the audio and video still play at different rates and videos with the extension changed still come in as audio only.


              The info for the video indicates that the audo is compressed there doesn't seem to be an option in the timeline settings. (using desktop mode to create new timeline profile) to dealwith that. I suspect that may be the root of the issue?


              Converting the videos with Compressor works great, however it's a time consuming process over two hours per video.

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                John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                >files from the same producer


                Seems like your problem is someone who changes camera settings and doesn't tell you what they've done (and, doesn't know what they are doing!)


                Maybe you should write up a "Camera Settings" instruction page to give to that person, so they give you something that may be edited

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                  RhettBic Level 1

                  I believe this may be so as well. I am trying to get in touch with these people to find out what camera they are using. Then I will have to research the settings and let them know what's up. Unfortunately there is a large amount of content already in the can and it is just now getting to me.

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                    John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Grin... sounds about like my "artistic" wife and "techy" me


                    She knows what she wants to SEE, but has no idea how to go about getting what she wants


                    I wouldn't even THINK about letting her get near my $1k Canon Vixia, so bought her a $149 Flip point-and-shoot camcorder


                    Now she can play all she wants, and I don't have to worry about her "poking about" in the Vixia menu screens "just to see" and changing a setting that I know works with PPro CS5 to something that will "surprise" me when I go to edit


                    She is just barely able to understand the Flip's 2 buttons... one for power and a big RED button to start and stop filming... but she is happy that she has something small enough to drop in her purse (aka the Black Hole of Calcutta) and pull out whenever she wants a film memory of something


                    Good luck with getting the people at the filming end of things to understand that they must consider technical as well as artistic

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                      RhettBic Level 1

                      So does anyone have anything for me on this? I'm trying to convert the files with compressor now... butI ended up with a 9 gig file which crashes Premiere but once again plays fine with the QT player. Trying some different settings.