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    When I convert a word file to PDF using Adobe Acrobat 8.2.6 the bookmarks in the TOC won't work.


      When converting to PDF using Acobate 8.2.6, the bookmarks in the TOC won't work in the Adobe Reader 9.4.4 However they do work in Adobe Acrobat. I've opened up the word document and clicked on the Adobe PDF in the menu bar and then clicked on Change Conversion Settings. I then clicked on Bookmarks in menu to make sure "Convert Headings to Bookmarks" was checked and Headings 1-10 were checked. Why can't bookmarks in Adobe Reading work in TOC when I click on a page. The bookmarks do work in Adobe Reader if I view the bookmarks on the left side panel and click on one of bookmarks their but not in TOC. Can anyone help. Rudy