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    Problem updating XML tree


      I have been struggling with trying to correctly dynamically update a Tree control when modifying the source XML, but now it seems as if the problem might be in Flex not in my code. I tried to build the first example from the "Flex Quick Starts: Working with Tree controls" article but it does not behave correctly, and yet the original example .swf in the article works fine.

      I took the following steps to reproduce the problem:

      1. Download TreeAddRemoveNodes.mxml from http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flex/quickstart/working_with_tree/
      2. Build it using "mxmlc TreeAddRemoveNodes.mxml"
      3. Open the resulting .swf in the player (either standalone or browser)
      4. Expand the "Operations" folder in the tree
      5. Type a name in the text box, e.g. "test"
      6. Click the "Add Operations Employee" button

      When I follow these steps the tree control display is corrupted, i.e. there appear to be two instances of the Operations node and its children, including the newly added "test" leaf. After collapsing the Operations node the display is fixed.

      I am using Flex 2.0.1 SDK (build 155542) on Windows Vista. The working .swf on the web page was apparently built with Flex 2.0 build 143171.

      Can anyone else reproduce this? Is the bug in the example code or in Flex itself? Is it possible for me to download the previous version of Flex (2.0.0) to further diagnose the problem?

      Thanks in advance,