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    premiere elements 9-problems with effects and import

    Mr Ako



      I am trying to edit some videos I made in toon boom storyboard pro and I have 2 issues. Before I explain what the problem is the videos are exported as quicktimes, h.264 codec and the resolution is a custom 1332x720(1.85). The pc is with win7 64bit, HD6870, Intel Q9550 with 4gigs of ram.


      The first problem is that when I import the video it loses synchronization with the sound. I have to unlink the video from the audio, move the audio to the right but its still not perfect. It is almost like they are on differnet frames per second.


      Second is I am applying 2 effects on one of the 3 video tracks, a crop and a motion. Allthough in the preview window it looks exactly how I want the video to be when I export it the video is misplaced or doesnt show up at all. The other tracks without any effects show as they should. Even a simple motion results the video to be played in the slightly wrong position compared with where I set it to be.


      I really dont know why these things occur. I tried to do the same things at a pc of a colleague that has premiere pro cs4 and the same things worked fine. The only problem that I can think of is that the settings of the project is impossible to match the source material. I see all these DVs and stuff and I dont know what to choose, so I just pick random a setting that supports 24p which is the source material.

      Any help is really appreciated.

      Many thanks



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Unfortunately, Premiere Elements doesn't work well with that kind of non-standard, non-camera video source. The problems you're experiencing are typical for this type of video source.


          You might have better luck with Quicktime Pro, a $29 program from Apple. The program has some limited editing functions, so you may be able to do your editing there. But it also has the ability to convert many Quicktime formats (including H.264) into more standard video editing formats, like 1440x1080 MTS video or 720x480 DV-AVI.


          But I'm afraid that, if you use that video from Toon Boom in its native format, you're going to continue to experience these types of challenges with Premiere Elements.