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    Complaint about phone support


      Since there is no place on adobe.com to register a complaint about service I guess I have to post it here and hope the powers that be read these boards. I just spent the better part of today waiting to talk to someone about my attempt to upgrade and some problems I was having....I was finally able to get answers via online chat (very slow and a bit of a language barrier but at least they responded).


      But Adobe Support phone service is AWFUL. I called once and was on hold for about 30 minutes with music playing (I had the phone on speaker and did busy work while I waited) then suddenly the music stops and I get the dial tone - apparently they hung up on me. So I called a second time, and almost the same thing happened except this time it was 20 minutes of music and then just dead silence for 10 full minutes before I finally hung up. Was I just lucky or does this happen a lot? I love Adobe products but this is just horrible customer service.

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          Jim R44

          I had similar problems with phone support. I purchased

          Premier Elements 9 after talking to Adobe sal

          es on the phone. I was assured

          it would do what

          I needed, convert different video files to one file type, edit the

          videos and burn a DVD. First

          it took 3 times to get the download right. The first support

          guy wanted control of my computer so he could "get it right

          ". He said I was doing it the wrong way. He locked up my computer

          and when I told him what happened he wouldn't believe me. Finally he gave me

          a case number that I don't think he filed and said Adobe would send me the cd free of charge and hung up.

          Second guy was in the chat room, couldn't get it done either

          but did give me a valid case number. I finally got it downloaded myself.

          Big surprise, no manual. Only tutorials written by users, probably for free. This product is not intuative at least not for me. Second, it wouldn't accept all file formats like I was told it would. Third, try to find the rotate function on your own. After struggling with it for a day and a half I downloaded Wondershare Ultimate. had my project done in 2 hours. Download time, about 10 minutes. Elements 9 takes 3 minutes to load, Wondershare about 10 seconds.

          I want my money back!


          Even this editor can't keep up with my typing!


          And while I'm on a roll, what's with logging on at every new screen, it's not really that hard to transfer that info.

          And the "Was this helpful" every time I hit enter in the tutorials, most of them weren't!