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    A few quick questions about publishing for iPhone/Android


      I'm currently developing an iPhone/Android game in CS5 and I just have a few quick questions.  If anyone can answer even one or two I'd really appreciate it


      1- I'm developing using a 320 x 480 resolution for the iphone.  When I tested it, the status bar on the top of the screen makes the edges disappear.  How should I turn off the status bar?  And if I can't what resolution should I use?

      2- The performance is a little slow, and the game isn't very intense at all.  What's a good way to improve performance?

      3- For Android, what should I do for the resolution?  Is there a standard resolution or do I have to have multiple resolutions for multiple devices?

      4- Finally, is it worth getting the free trial of CS5.5 before I publish?  Is there anything in there that will be a huge improvement over CS5?


      All help is appreciated