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    Flash Builder 4.5 newbie help


      Hey guys,


      Thank you for taking the time to read my post and help me out.  I am currently just learning actionscript 3 and I have been using flash professional in order to program most of my first flash programs,  I would like to take one of my ideas and create it to work on the blackberry playbook, so I downloaded flash builder 4.5 and have set up my whole environment.


      The problem im running into is that with flash professional creating movie clips and frames was as easy as adding objects to the library and then setting up the linkage so it could be used by your AS3 coding, frames and layers were added through the UI...well with flash builder I have no idea how to do this as there is no graphical interface, I am just wondering if somebody could explain to me how to create and link movie clips and work with frames using flash builder 4.5....I know this is probably a dumb question but I simply just don;t know


      Thanks in advanced for any help

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          Hi nateatkins, Flash Builder is a software to develop flex and/or as3 applications. Do do things with Flash Builder, you need to code it in .as or .mxml files. Flash gives you the ability to make graphical element, add them to a library, animate them using the software interface and commands, and publish them right out of the box, but it is not the purpose of Flash Builder. You can use Flash to make a library of graphical elements, configure those elements to be available as Actionscript classes, then export your library as an SWC to use them in a Flash Builder project code. Or you can choose in Flash to code your actionscript using external .as files, and use flash builder to write them. Flash Builder is intended to make life easier when you work on object oriented coded projects using as3, and let you code faster. Flash have it's limitations to assist you when it's time to code, Flash Builder is here to enhance your development workflow when needed.