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    I am having trouble previewing.


      Ok to start with my problem --

      I can not preview my video timeline at all when i have photoshop files on the timeline making it really hard for me create a video.

      When i first purchased PS9 & PE9 about three months ago everything worked great i had no problems editing .psd files in pe9 just all of sudden it decided to quit. The very first thing i did was make sure my video card along with every other driver on my machine was updated this still did not correct the problem now 2 months later still the same problem.  Can anyone help me please????



      The #1 reason why love using premiere is because i can create my graphics in photoshop (at which i am very skilled) and import them straight to premeiere and use them on the video timeline with alpha channels already in place. I purchase PSE9 & PE9 as an upgrade from PSE3 & PE4 because my 64bit system was really not liking running the 2 older versions.


      (About my projects)

      my projects are generally 3-5 minutes long and include edited video shot with a mini dv camcorder, a background layer under the main edited video layer and
      1 -3 lines of layered graphics  (usually photoshop files).


      (About my comp)

      I am using  Premiere Elements & Photoshop Elements 9.

      I am working on a HP windows vista 64-bit system with  4GB of ram with....i believe 512mb of dedicated ram to a "ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics" video card running Catalyst software.


      All help would be appreciated

      Thanks in Advanced!

      Austin C.