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    Flash file is too big! Have tried everything!


      I am making a simple file with three images looping. I drew the images in Illustrator and have saved them as bitmap, jpeg, eps, png, gif...in varying sizes, I have put the resolution down to 70, I cannot get teh file any smaller than 670kb and max size for submission is 250kb.


      Ive read to use vectors instead of raster, but how do I save a file in illustrator so that it is considered still a vector?

      Is this what I need to do? Nothing fancy in my video, just less than 200 frames at 24fps


      Please help! The deadline for my project is in a couple days!




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          adninjastrator Level 4

          The biggest factor in file size is often the physical dimensions of the image. A 320 x 240 image uses 1/4 the pixels that a 640 x 480 image does, so file size is MUCH smaller.

          So the first thing is to design the image in the exact physical dimensions needed. NEVER scale the image after you add it to Flash.

          All the file formats that you mentioned are pixel based... bitmaps... so they will not work like a vector passed image... as one created (drawn) directly in Flash.

          Can you directly import into the Library the Illustrator (vector) image file? Then you can bypass the pixel based bitmap.

          Best of luck!


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            Lon Winters Level 4

            Very good advice about preparing your images before importing them into Flash. I thing that unless the images are very large in dimension, there's no reason why your SWF should be as big as it is. When exporting the images, use the Optimize for web feature (That's in photoshop, but I can't remember if Illustrator has it too), jpegs should be fine and you also may be able to compress it more than 70 before it starts to show degradation.


            For animation, use the tween class instead of keyframe animation, you'll save some bytes there too. And then in the publish settings, go as low as you can on JPEG compression until it starts looking too crappy.



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              paperlovesinkdesign Level 1

              I will check to see if I had been scaling it down in flash, and also knock the resoltuion down. I definitely will not draw it in flash, it just doesnt have the tools I need. i have one animation, a small text that moves a little. i could remove it but that only saves me small kb.



              i will try all of these! thanks so much for replying!

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                paperlovesinkdesign Level 1

                I am stumped. I lowered all images to 70, made sure they were 640X800 in photoshop before putting them into Flash, and the file size got BIGGER. No animation. Three images. I have been working on this for hours and hours with no resolve. my deadline is tomorrow and I must have all three images for it.



                I have tried dragging straight form AI as well...this made the file super huge. Is it impossible to make a file only 250kb?

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                  Rothrock Level 5

                  I just brought in three photos (saved as png) at 72 dpi and 640 x 800 resolution. The published swf was 156k. I selected to generate a size report in the publish settings and the images were 46.2, 57.9, and 46.6 k each. And that was at the default quality of 80. Setting the publish quality to 50 quickly took the size down to 66 k with still pretty decent quality.


                  So you must have something else going on. Did you generate a file size report? What does it show?


                  The photos I selected where of people, not particularily challenging for compression, but really if you are taking the photos through photoshop you shouldn't be that much off of what I tried.

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                    adninjastrator Level 4

                    Are you bringing in .psd or .ai files? or jpg or png?

                    What is the file size of each of the images before you bring them into Flash.