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    Locked a Black Video Layer and Premiere Pro CS5 Hangs Up

    eddiem100 Level 1

      Ran into a problem whereby I have on Video Layer 1 a layer of Black Video about 30 minutes long.


      I have 2-4 additional video layers above and about 9 audio layers.


      When I locked Layer 1 which has nothing more than a premiere pro generated Black Video layer, Premiere Pro CS5 completely froze up, became unresponsiveand  not even able to move the CTI, particularly when I tried to zoom in on the layer.  However when I locked any of the other video layers, not a problem.  Hardly ever lock layers so didn't notice it before.


      Filed a bug report but was curious if anyone ran into this problem.


      Using p2 media

      Timeline preset is DVC PRO HD 60.  Using

      Windows 7,

      Intel 960 3.2GHz,

      2 disc Raid 1 system drive,

      3 disk Raid 5 for media,

      2 disc Raid 0 for media previews

      GTX 470

      24 GB RAM