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    Can't hear audio in mac PE 9


      I can't hear audio in my sceneline or timeline when playing clips. Makes it really hard to edit!


      i capture video/audio from my mini-dv sony cam or from vhs through firewire gadget...

      i added an m4v file to the project, couldn't hear audio either


      the audio is there, because if i just trim off the ends and create a dvd it has audio....


      The problem is on my mac mini... i installed it on my i7 laptop and audio works just fine.


      i've checked all the audio settings on both machines and they are the same.

      both have vlc and perian installed


      just installed the 9.01 patch... no change



      does anyone know what might be causing this?



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Have you gone to Premiere Elements Edit/Preferences/Audio Hardware and checked the ASIO settings to ensure they match your computer's configuration?


          On the Mac version, these Preferences are located on the Premiere Elements 9 drop-down menu. Check out Audio Hardware and Audo Output Mapping to ensure they match your computer's current hardware configuration.

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            hamptonk4 Level 1

            I've tried changing those to all possible combinations.... System Default, Built-in Output, etc. nothing helps.


            on the mini, if you have speakers plugged in, it shows "headphones" as the only output option

            i notice in the "audio output mapping" it shows headphones 1 and headphones 2

            that seems strange as there is only one set of headphones


            i checked my laptop settings ...there was nothing selected on my laptop in audio output mapping

            "nothing selected" was not an option on the mini... so i renamed my prefs file and started PE again

            then i had nothing selected in the audio output mapping... but it still didn't work



            i forgot to mention something.... if i click on the slider/trim thing, and just hold down the arrows on the keyboard to advance the video, it advances at super slow motion and i DO get audio... so i think i have preferences set right.


            any other ideas?

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Nope. From your description, all of your software seems to be working.


              Some setting is clearly set wrong somewhere. I just don't know where else to recommend you look.

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                Infinity Focus Photos

                I often have problems with audio somewhat like what you described.  The file plays just fine in other programs but when I play it in Premiere, no sound (or sometimes half the clip is fine but then the sound just stops).  The wavy graph is present and shows sound but there is no noise.  This happens on both audio and video files.  My workaround (or, at least, it usually works) is to make a new file folder and put the clip in it so that the project shows it as a disconnected file.  Then I reconnect it, let it conform the audio if it must, and then play it.  Usually that works, but I'm using windows and my problem may not actually be what you're having.  Anyway, hope it helps!

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                  hamptonk4 Level 1

                  Just an update....


                  i installed some playmobil thing on my mini for my kid.... it wanted to install shockwave.... i did that....

                  later that day i decided to try again on the Premiere no sound thing....

                  i was actually going to format the hard drive and start from scratch....

                  but i thought i'd poke around one more time and audio was working!

                  all those projects that i couldn't hear audio on.... i just opened them up and could hear just fine


                  only thing that changed was the shockwave install

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    Just a guess, but I would say that Shockwave either changed something related to the ASIO, or added something missing.


                    Regardless, good news!