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    Pink/green line on edge of screen during cross-dissolve transitions to and from black


      I've seen this posted as a known bug in Premiere, but I haven't found a decent solution to it.  Here's a screen cap of what it looks like:


      Pink Line cap.jpg


      Notice the pink verticle line on the right side of the frame. This happens when I'm exporting it out of the timeline to another format - it doesn't look like this in the timeline. I have done a few tests and it seems to only do this when:


      A) it's fading from black or to black - cross-dissolving from one video to another doesn't do it




      B) the output video is in widescreen 16:9


      It doesn't happen when I'm creating an HD video and it doesn't happen when it's an SD video in "D1/DV NTSC (0.9091)" aspect.