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    Reading Large Text Files into a Database

      I have been having this ongoing battle with large files (3 MB or more).

      Basically each file is a comma delimited text file that on every line has information that needs to be checked against the database and then either updated or inserted.

      Right now I loop through every line in the file and using CFQUERY to do the database check and insert/update.

      But with the files being 3 MB, it is slow and timesout. The customer is not happy.

      For the database check I use "IF EXISTS (....) UPDATE .... ELSE INSERT ...."

      The ISP is using CF Server MX 6 and SQL Server 2000. I cannot use CFFILE for security reasons, they created their own CFX tag to accomodate uploads. So trying to access the file via SQL Server 2000 probably isn't possible.

      Is there a better way to deal with large files and trying to get them into the database?

      Any ideas would be appreciated!
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          cf_dev2 Level 1
          If you can't access the file via sql server, then its going to be difficult. Row by row inserts are slow. It would be faster to import the data into a staging table. Then update/insert the main table. Finally truncate the staging table.

          Sql server has a few tools for importing CSV files. I don't know which (if any) you have access to:
          BCP (can use it command line or via xp_cmdshell)
          DTS package (may be restricted)
          Linked Server (sp_addlinkedserver. requires one-time setup by dba)
          OpenDatasource/OpenRowset (ad-hoc querying. requires sufficient permissions)

          Given the current restrictions, I'm assuming DTS is out. Having the dba establish a linked server might be a viable option or possibly bcp.