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    Help required regarding AR module, XML and flex builder3


      I need some help regarding flex project in flex builder3.

      I am working on flash based augemented reality using flex builder3. I want to develop a module for a boutique using which user can try on different dresses. I want to build this  module in such a way that camera gets loaded at one side(left) of the window with a TileList (displaying list of images with their prices) on the right side of the window.
      In order to populate the TileList i'm using HTTPservice to dyanamically load xml (xml->containing dress images along with prices). This part is working fine i.e. when i run this project, xml content gets loaded in TileList.
      My problem is when I copy the swf file of my project along with resource files somewhere else and then launch that swf file, it gives me an alert
      that xml can't be loaded. Secondly augmented reality part(i.e. camera) doesn't load; left part of window remains blank).

      I want someone to help me solve these issues.