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    Android - must install adobe air?

    yonido Level 1

      Hi, in the previous version of AIR - in order to run AIR apps on android you had to install Adobe AIR from the market, separately, which sucked


      is this still the case in 2.6? anyone found a way to bundle your apk with the air so the user doesnt need to install 2 things?


      this is really non professional if u ask me

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          Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You still can't bundle, but AIR 2.6 has been in the marketplace for a while now, if someone has used any AIR based apps in the past, they probably have updated AIR already. If a user downloads your app and it's the first AIR app they've ever downloaded, then the runtime is also downloaded, automatically I believe. Is the experience really bad?

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            boat5 Level 2

            the experience is not bad, but people do still complain about in ghe marketplace comments for air apps

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              They complain because it installs on a phone memory and takes 16MB of precious space. It would be great if AIR was preinstalled on devices already... People wouldn't even now about AIR existance and will enjoy our great apps

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                Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                I'm confused about Android users' concerns about memory. I let a friend try an iOS app I had done, as an Android build, and it went ok, but she commented on how Android users would never buy the app because it was 32 MB. On iPhone and iPad it's not unusual to have apps that are hundreds of megabytes, but on Android users seem to run out of memory in no time.


                Are there two type of memory on Android? Like, say 16 GB for apps to be stored, but a smaller amount of memory where they all have to live while actually running? That could account for why they run out of memory.

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                  sigman.pl Level 1

                  Well I understand people’s complaints, one of the most popular Android phones HTC Desire has 576MB internal space when in effect you only have around 150MB to play with. And if cache from all of your apps is stored on that memory and there are many apps that can't be moved on a SD card then you run out of memory very quickly. Adobe AIR is 16.98 MB and Flash Player is 12MB and both for obvious reasons can't be moved on SD card... I own Desire and I can see out of space message very often.




                  So at least we as developers need to remember to leave the users with option to install on SD - that will also increase chances that if the users are bored with our application they won't remove it because it takes their precious space but they will move it on SD card because there is plenty of space there.

                  Just to remind how to make an AIR app moveble on SD: add <manifest android:installLocation="auto"> to your <android><manifest additions>.

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                    boat5 Level 2

                    Just for the record, some android devices have alot of storage, and i would think any new devices comming out also have large amounts of storage.

                    My droid X is almost a year old and has 8GB internal, and SD availible up to 32 GB i think.

                    I have 16 GB total on mine and would not worry about an app being only 32 MB.