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    Ajax Call from PDF


      I am trying to make AJAX calls from PDF

      using Adobe Scripting

      I am using the folder lever script and have made my method as Trusted function.


      Still when I try to access the server from the script I get an error  stating


      "Network connection could not be created"


      here is the scripting code i am using


      ajax = app.trustedFunction(
      function(cURL) {  
        var params =    {       
      cVerb: "GET",     
      cURL: cURL

      app.alert("Communication Error: " +e.message);


      I have not used oHandler here, as I learnt it is not a mandatory attribute


      Although I tried with oHandler too and tried to catch the response in that but still I got the same error .


      I am new to Adobe scripting and thus dont have much knowledge about it.

      I would really appreciate if anyone could help me.


      Many thanks in Advance