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    print dialog box not showing in Adobe Reader X




      i have a problem in a network environment with my user on adobe reader 9.4 and now in adobe reader X , when i hit the Print menu or make a Ctrl +P the print dialog window is not showing itself but only in Adobe Reader . what could be the problem. i tryed to install after in 9.4 was not working the reader X version but still not working, after that uninstalled X and came back to Reader 9.3 , when i login with another user in our AD domain on my PC for him everything works, in adobe reader X or 9.4 or 3. what is happening? i tryed to delete the Aplication Data \Adobe and Local Setting\ ApplicationData\Adobe on local user but no  change? waht coudl be the problem and what could the solution ? beside deleting the user setting from C:\Documents and Settings\myname and login again.