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    how to get associatedXMLElement of myDoc.findText().[some index]


      I'm trying to get the markupTag of a found result, all text is tagged.

      Say I'm looking for "a",


          app.findTextPreferences.findWhat = "a";
          myFinds = myDoc.findText();
          for (myFindIndex=0; myFindIndex < myFinds.length; myFindIndex++) {
              //here I thought I could get the insertionPoint of the result,

              var myIndex = myFinds[0].insertionPoints[-1].index;
              alert(myFinds[myFindIndex].parentStory.insertionPoints[myIndex].associatedXMLElement.mark upTag.name)

               //this object however has no associated element...

              //myIndex gives the right index for the insertionpoint

                // when retreiving the insertionpoints parent, I get Story, which has a parent Document, so I can't readdress the insertionpoint.

                //Main problem seems to be that insertionPoints don't have an associated element, I guess.



      Who can give this a friendly try on an friday afternoon (depending on your region)?