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    Downloading Previous Versions - CS3


      Is there a way to download licensed software if install disk has been lost? CS3 Web Premium does all I want to do and I'd like to install on a new computer, but I can't find my disk with the software on it.


      Chat won't help. They'll only discuss CS5 and 5.5. I can't find an email address for writing to. Using phone is somewhat impractical with number of selections - depending on which number I call - and the wait time. So I'd just like to download the software again so I can install.



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          rogbin Level 1

          I'm not sure if this is the answer, but I was warned by Adobe Sales not to install CS3 or CS4 on Windows 7. There are problems. So the answer appears to be do not download, even if you can, or by buying an old book with CS3 trial version, cause it won't work well on Win7? Ugh.