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    CreateRootWindow not happening?

    Oliver St John

      Hi folks, hopefully this is a really simple question to answer...


      I'm building an HTML/JS based app, and having trouble getting a new window to spawn when clicking a button. Here is my function:


      function showMainWindow() {

      var m_options = new air.NativeWindowInitOptions();


      var m_rect = new air.Rectangle(100,100,800,600);


      var mainPopup = air.HTMLLoader.CreateRootWindow(true, m_options, false, m_rect);


      var mainFilePath = air.File.applicationDirectory.resolvePath('main.html');


      mainPopup.load(new air.URLRequest('mainFilePath.url'));



      Here is the HTML from which I am calling the function:


      <div id="login"><a href="javascript:showMainWindow()" onClick="showMainWindow()"><img src="images/loginbutton.png"></a></div>


      The main.html file is in the same directory as the initial window file. What am I doing wrong?