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    Loadvars with HTTPS to HTTP

      I have a problem trying to use LoadVars on a HTTPS server to load info from a subdomain of the same site but the HTTP server. It is not allowing it. I understand why and that the permissions have to be set in order to make that work, but I think I do not have my permissions in the right place. In my SWF file (located on my HTTPS server, I have

      var getData:LoadVars = new LoadVars();
      getData.onLoad = function(ok) {
      if(ok) doFunction();
      else trace(ok);
      getData.load(" http://www.mysite.com ");

      This does not work. I have a policy file on my HTTP server that says <allow-access-from domain="*.mysite.com" /> and I have permissions set within my SWF file for allowInsecureDomain which is as follows:
      my_lc.allowInsecureDomain = function(sendingDomain:String):Boolean {
      return (sendingDomain == "www.mysite.com");
      System.security.loadPolicyFile(" http://www.mysite.com/crossdomain.xml ");

      While I did add this code, the allowInsecureDomain is more for talking between 2 SWF's but I thought I'd try it anyway. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? If I test out trying to talk to another HTTPS server (not even on my own server), it all works fine and it completed the call. But HTTPS to HTTP use of the LoadVars is giving me problems. Thanks