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    Trouble with CHM Search & Index after Importing Word Document




      I have recently inherited all things RoboHelp at work, but the last person to work with our projects left 6 months ago.  I received a brief overview of how our CHM files were generated from the same word document in RH HTML 7. 


      Currently, I am using RoboHelp HTML 9, but am having trouble with the Index and Search functionality from an imported Word 2003 (.doc) file.  During my import, only a single topic is created and named after the source document.  I believe this may be the root of my problems, but haven't had much luck with a solution. 


      I have stumbled my way through setting after setting, but feel I am missing something obvious.  Any help would be appreciated.









      Our source documents have a working TOC and Heading 1-3 structure.  When creating a new project and importing the document, the TOC is imported correctly.  The TOC navigations links seem to function correctly. 


      I have used the Smart Index Wizard to find new keywords from topic titles and topic text.  Unfortunately it seems the import only creates a single topic named after the source word document and therefore associates all keywords with the single topic.  when trying to navigate the index after the CHM is generated, all links simply reference the beginning of the document.


      When using the search feature in the CHM, only a single result is returned for any search words.  This result is always the single topic as described above.  The results link always returns you to the start of the document but does highlight the keyword throughout the document.