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    Please help!!! ADE just wont work!!!

    charlie-beth Level 1

      Please help, I wanted to get some e-books and was recomended by the site to download ADE, which i did.  I followed all the directions and authorized my computer.  I ordered the books and tried to download!

      In stead of my book in ADE i got this message - Adobe reader could not open 'URLLINK[1].ascm' because it is either not a supported file type or because the file has been damaged (for example, it was sent as an amail attachment and wasn't correctly decoded). 

      I am going crazy!!!  I'm not great with computers and i don't know what to do, Please help!!!!


      (ps my laptop runs vista but i don't know much else about it)

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          The message could be telling you a couple of things.


          When you ordered the books, did you specify the EPUB or PDF versions (which

          are supported by ADE)?  If they were in another format, then the error

          message is telling you that.  If you did, then there's a possibility that

          the file you're trying to download is corrupt - and that's the problem for

          the bookstore from which you bought the books.


          These software issues are perplexing - and that doesn't make it easy for

          anybody, least of all those who don't have a good feel for computers.