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    Cutting Video - am I doing it wrong?

    Jasmine2501 Level 1

      More of a general workflow question really... my method of cutting video always leaves me thinking there must be a better way. I'm not a video pro, but I've got 200 videos on Youtube and I think I'm pretty good with the basics, but I need to save time. One thing I will do is upgrade my system so I can edit HD faster, but most of the time I work with SD widescreen stuff. This question is about the workflow...


      Most of my raw video needs to be extensively cut up. I need to know the fast way to remove small sections from the middle of a clip. Usually what I do is split the clip at two spots and delete the part I don't want... but when I'm cutting out a second of video 50 times from a clip, this method of splitting and deleting seems klutzy. What I would really like to do is put 50 in and out points in the clip and then just close up those spaces. I just need to know if splitting and deleting is the "right way" to remove sections from the middle of a clip, or is there a better method?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Unfortunately, the way you're doing is really pretty much the only way, Jasmine.


          The program does include a Smart Trim feature for automatically deleting segments of your video. But these decisions are based solely on the video quality, and edits are recommended based on blurriness, poor exposure, etc.


          If you're making creative decisions with each cut, you pretty much have to do it manually.


          Meantime, for a basic understanding of how to use the program effectively, you should have a look at my free Basic Training tutorials for Premiere Elements support site Muvipix.com.


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            Jasmine2501 Level 1

            Thanks Steve!

            That's kinda what I thought. I just wanted to be sure, because I'm not a Pro with this stuff yet. If I was cutting film it would be easier, but basically the same process. Cut, cut again, tape...


            As computer programmer, I find myself now investigating the potential value of making a tool to just do this quickly. Been a long time since I did any graphics code though


            I did look into the smart trimming, but all my clips are of equal quality - HD from a GoPro or SD from a camcorder. I'm basically just removing dead air from a video blog - most of the time, my movies are 'one take' type stuff, but the Vlog is not like that. New project I guess, new methods needed