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    $125 short After Effects project; artist needed


      I'm looking to contract out a small After Effects job.  I'm offering $125 for it (I wish I could offer more, but am a boot-strapping entreprenuer with limited funds).  The ~30 second video involves some very simple, almost "stick figure", type drawing (with a bit of animation).  A fuller job description can be found here: http://bit.ly/mr2VDw.  If anyone is intersted, let me know.


      UPDATE: link doesn't work for non-elance .. i've copied the description below:

      We need a 30 second video/simple annimation created in After Effects CS5. The animation will replace what we created in the following video http://bitly.com/fpTik3 between 1:57 and 3:09. We want the style of the video to CLOSELY memic that of the following site/video http://www.htc.com/www/htcsense/index.html.


      A few quick thoughts:
      1. There will be no audio.
      2. We want the "city blob" replaced with a simply 3d looking city like in http://www.htc.com/www/htcsense/index.html.
      3. We would like the 3 tranmission lines drawn simply in 3d.
      4. The 3 power plants also need a simple 3d representation.
      5. The project MUST BE COMPLETED BY 09:00 AM EST Wed May 11th.
      6. All files must be in deivered in After Effects CS 5 (or 4) with any necessary Illustrator files as well. We may chose to modify the files later.


      Why you would want to wok with us:
      1. We leave detailed feedback and promot those who do good work.
      2. We are reasonable in our requests.


      Why you may not want to work with us:
      1. We are boot-strapping entreprenuers who have a very limited budget. We can not pay premium prices.



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          JAKE JONSON Level 1


          I can't take your project but I think you're going to need to be more descriptive in terms of whether you want a globe or not.


          Anyways, since you're 5 days away from go-live (or whatever it is) judging from the iPhone battery graphic on your site I think you should know that your video contains a misspelling in the beginning where it states 'not intened for our clients' [sic].  You'll want to fix the 2nd 'd' needed in 'intended'.


          Good luck w/ the presentation, etc.

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            bogiesan Level 4

            The is so much wrong with this post.

            While I wish you luck with your endeavor, you must learn to put the professional services you seek into correct perspective. How would you approach a plumber, electrician or elevator repair services?


            I do not reduce my rates for anyone not for non-profits, not for churches, not for startups. We can talk about trades but you'd still be paying me, one way or another, for the 25-40 hours of work you are requesting because my craft has as every bit as much value as your ability to write business proposals or handle customer service calls or balance your checkbook.


            There are crowdsourcing sites where you might get this don for that kind of money. I think you will get what pay for and perhaps that is the correct outcome.



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              JAKE JONSON Level 1

              I was thinking the same thing.  I was mostly put off by how he wanted rip offs of nearly everything.... the HTC sketch video for one.  I then I saw how he had a rip-off of the iPhone battery graphic on his main site.  Not pretty and don't think that people won't notice.  Its not 'cute'.