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    Form Data missing when Opened


      I been having problem with PDF files clients sent to our agents.


      When the pdf is high-lighted in Outlook it will open in preview mode and shows all the data correctly.


      When  it is opened in Acrobat 9 Pro, the data is missing.  This is true even  when I used the Export Data function, the xml shows as empty.


      Anyone know what is the cause of this issue? or how to fix it?


      Here is what the Form looks like when "Previewed" in Outlook.  It shows that data are entered




      Here is the actual PDF file


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          pguerett Level 6

          I opened your form and it had no data ...I added data, saved it, reopened and it was there. Are any of the users using a MAC to view the file?


          I assume that they are attaching the file to the email themselves ....any chance they are grabbing the wrong file?



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            JamesX007 Level 1

            I am currently following up with the client to figure out what they are using that is causing this problem.


            There however is no chance the wrong file is e-mailed however.  Since  the data is visible when previewing the attachment in Email.


            I have no idea why the data associated with the file is readable by whatever preview mechanism Outlook 2010 uses, but somehow inaccessible to Acrobat Reader/Pro.


            I am not sure if it is the Mac Preview program issue, but I do not believe they are using Macs.  I will post the information as soon as I receive it.

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              George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              FWIW, when I open the file in Preview on the Mac, the data is in the fields. When I open it in Acrobat, it's not.

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                JamesX007 Level 1

                According to them they are using Acrobat Professional 8.


                I am now completely lost at what could be causing the issue.


                They are based in People's Republic of China (e.g. mainland China).  I am not sure if that has anything to do with it - since I assume they are using Chinese Versions of Windows and the associated software.

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                  pguerett Level 6

                  I am at a loss also .....You have the target version set for 8.1 so I assume that they are using at least an 8.1 version. And I assume that they are not getting any errors or dialogs when they open the form?


                  One thing to try (its a long shot) - in the File/Form Properties/Defaults set the "Preserve Scripting Changes to form when saved" from manual to automatic.