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    Needed:  Script for importing Photoshop layers, converting to shape layers

    McFrisco Level 1

      I've uncovered what seems to be a "bug" in After Effects CS5.  When I import photoshop artwork in layers, and then try to apply effects to an individual layer, such as a color change, a drop shadow, or pretty much anything including puppets, when I later try to render the movie, it crashes.

      My solution has been to laborously go through and convert any layer where I need to apply effects into an AE shape layer, copy the mask over, etc.  Its not much fun, but it does solve the bug.

      I know this could be done with a script, but I don't have the chops or the time to write it.

      Has anybody else written such a script?

      In essence, it needs to:

      1.  import a Photoshop file in layers.

      2.  select each layer in the file and

      3. create an AE layer

      4.copy the mask from the PS layer and

      5. paste it onto the AE layer.

      6. keeping the same registration and

      7. keeping the color of the PS layer.


      Easy, huh?  For somebody who knows what they're doing, which doesn't include me.....