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    DW currently interacting with a server...

    JulesN Level 2

      DW is currently interacting with a server...


      I get this message constantly on my Mac.  Never had this pop up so much on Windows in about 8 years of using DW.  When I go to upload a page, it ALWAYS pops up first.  I have to exit the window numerous times before it uplaods.  And yes, this is even when I know that I'm not in the middle of uploading.  Is anyone else having this?  Is it something to do with the preferences file?






      Mac OSX

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          LArtJunky Level 1

          I'm on a PC and I get this all the time too. VERY ANNOYING.


          By the way, it's not just a Mac thing.


          I thought it was just Dreamweaver trying to sync with online data.


          In my case, I have a VERY LARGE folder of images of products and every time I connect to that, at random times, it will go into this "interacting with server" mode. I've tried to figure out why/when it happens so that I can anticipate and possibly avoid it happening but I had no luck finding a clue. I've been trying to figure this one out for 4 years...


          My only conclusion, so far, is that it tries to sync whenever it has disconnected from the server. So, whenever it disconnects, it then has to read the entire contents of the folder and, in my case, is a VERY large image folder.


          For me, it's pretty annoying because I have to process a lot of images in Photoshop and then post them to the web. When it stalls like this, my process or rythem gets messed up.

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            JulesN Level 2

            OK, good to know it's not just a Mac "thing".


            I don't know if this is related at all, but my brand new Mac with 8Gb of ram was really dragging its butt, and so I phoned Mac support and they gave me instructions to do a "Option/Command/P/R" as it was starting up.  I don't know if that was the issue, but it has stopped since. 


            I don't know what the equivalent on a PC would be for that.  They told me that something was stuck in the Ram, and that this would clean it out.


            If it starts happening again, I will for sure repost!

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              JulesN Level 2

              I spoke too soon!  It's happening again!  Good Lord!