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    24P Playback and Project settings


      I'm a Final Cut guy switching to Premiere Pro CS5.5  and have legacy files to edit.  I"m trying to figure out the best project settings (Mac Based)


      Bringing in Pro Res files 1920 x 1080, 24p.  I have a Black Magic Decklink Studio with most current drivers. 


      I don't seem to see a project setting that allows me to run my video out to an external monitor on a 24p sequence.  Now in Final Cut I can edit the 24p files on a 24p timeline and still playout thru the BMD card.  I guess it does the pulldown.  I assumed it would in PPro as well?


      I can setup a project in CS5.5 at 29.97 but then my sequences need to be rendered. 


      I must be missing something but can't seen to get the right settings... Help!




      Ben Kupfer