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    How to find manually linked glossary terms in a RH X5 project


      I'm working on a project in RH X5 which has an extensive glossary.  Many of the terms are linked to topic text, but not all using RH's Glossary Wizard.  The client didn't want to be limited to the Wizard's options of either linking the glossary terms everywhere or only at the first occurrence in each topic.  As a result many of the hyperlinks to glossary terms were added manually rather than using the Wizard.


      The problem I have is that the client is now changing a great number of definitions as well as some terms.  I assume running the Wizard won't find hyperlinks to glossary terms if they were not added with the Wizard so I need to figure out how to find all the manually added hyperlinks to glossary terms.


      I actually had a program written for me a few years ago to accomplish this, but it's not working for some unknown reason and the programmer is away for a few days.  Naturally this all happened when I'm on a very tight deadline and need to work on these changes right away.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!