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    AE ProRes Users - The days of QuickTime discrepancies are GONE !!!

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      in my never ending endeavor of finding a way of letting my clients see my WORK on their Quicktime Player, the way it looked in AfterEffects when color grading it,

      I have FINALLY found a tool that will do just that.


      Believe it or not... It is VERY simply and has nothing to do with the pixels in your movie, merely the metaflags which (AFAIK) are

      telling QuickTime Player 'How to Play'....


      I use this tool mainly to double check my gamma in the end. That is, after 'After Effecting' my clips I drag the newly rendered clip into this little tool

      in the destination field and I drag my original source clip into the source filed. Then I click 'Detect Gamma Shift' - The app goes to work and after a few seconds it tells me (if any) the discrepancies between my original source and the newly rendered file.


      Then I click - Sync Meta Date and ET VOILA - my gamma is now correct and NO pixels have been altered.


      The numbers the tool spits out are also providing me with valuable information about the percentage shift in Gamma and colorspace mismatch which I could then process with levels or etc inside AE...


      Really Really useful tool.



      It is called 'Gamma Shift Detector' and comes from the company Digital Rebellion. Probably many of you know them already but I only found them yesterday.


      Pretty funny experience I had there. I downloaded the trial and and thought 'Man, it would be nice if the tool had drag n drop features.

      I wrote the company and believe it or not (Still chuckling) 15 minutes later - they sent me an update with Drag N Drop


      Here is a link Gamma Shift Detector


      I am NOT linked to company in any way. Just wanted to share this wonderful news.