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    Flash Catalyst, Flash Builder and Adobe Air....Issues...

    Adrien. Level 1

      My problem is simple.


      I have a flash catalyst project I importedc it into flash builder - whats the issue? its a web app. I need it as a air app. I don't know how to change it from a web app to an air app.




      If I publish the "demo" version in Flash cat as a air app and install it, I have to resize the window? even when I set the bounds to be 800x600 it shows up on the desktop as either half that or sligtly larger. even running the swf - publishing for both web and air for testing - i have to resize the swf (unless its embeded on a page). why is this happening?


      Tha main purpose here is to change the imported flas cat proj into a air app in flash builder so i can change the default chrome.