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    How do I make sure that CS5.5 Merge clips encodes Audio at correct volume?


      Windows 7 x 64, 2 TB, 12 GB RAM,


      I am using the Premiere Pro CS5.5 Trial (full version), particularly because of the new Merge clips feature.


      1. The Merge clips works intuitively and easily; this is a fantastic advantage. I am creating these clips to use in Captivate 5.0.
        But, when encoded, the Audio volume has blown out so that it shatters the ear drums.

        I am not sure whether this is a PP problem, or an AME 5.5 problem.

      2. A second problem is this with the Merge Clips. In the Project panel, if you check the Duration of a Merge clip (in PP) it shows the original duration even although it has been altered on the Timeline.

        If I encode the video clip separately from the Audio,  I can adjust the Audio volume in Captivate, but, this:
        1) increases the overall file sizes-something I don't want for the web.
        2) the video duration and the audio duration do not match, even though they did on the Timeline. This did not happen in CS5.


      I know this is a new version, but has anyone any ideas that I might try. I have alread delayed my project waiting for CS5.5 to become available.