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    CFDIV Bind for Live Search


      I have a question about filtering results.


      I have a text box bound to a cfdiv which essentially searches the database and displays the results in the div.


      The problem I'm having is, the div refreshes on keyup but the database search can sometimes take a while, which means if someone types a couple of characters, the ajax requests can finish non-sequentially.


      Is there a way to either cancel previous requests, or at the very least, force requests to be displayed sequentially?



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          talofer99 Level 2

          I have no immediate solution for you, but may I ask why the results takes long time?

          Is it the Query that takes long time to execute?

          Or is it a lot of info being passed in the return result?


          I seen a privies post like this (if I'm not wrong) and I think that if you will supply some more info, and maybe even code/link it will be easier for people (including me) to help you.