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    Problems connecting to a Remote RDS Dataview with ColdFusion Builder 2..

    grumble grumble

      Hello all,


      I've spent the greater part of the past two days simply trying to establish a connection to either a) a remote server from CFBuilder 2 or b) a remote RDS Dataview connection from CFBuilder 2. I've pretty much given up on (a) as it is not as important to me as (b).


      Here's the deets... Local computer is Mac with trial version of CFBuilder 2. Remote box is Windows server 2008, SQLServer2008, ColdFusion9


      When I try to open the remote RDS connection (using the same exact credentials that work perfectly with RazorSQL) I get the error..


      "Unable to contact the RDS Server "xxxxxxxxx"

      Premature EOF encountered"



      When installing CF9 on the remote server I did not initially enable RDS. I have since edited my web.xml file and uncommented the 2 RDS lines, as well as set up a RDS password, restarted CF Application Server.


      It's not a port, firewall, or sqlserver thing as I can connect remotely from either RazorSQL on my Mac or SQLServer management studio on a PC.


      Weird right? Ideas???



      Your thoughts are much appreciated!