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    Text is pixelated

    Kevin Ringeisen Level 1

      I recently opened up a pdf and noticed that the text on the screen is pixelated, and bold text is hard to read because the letters mash together. I've tried rebooting and re-installing Adobe Reader and niether have worked.


      As you can see, this isn't the quality I'm used to seeing. It's at 100% magnification, no other zoom levels fix the problem.


      This is the same thing opened in Nitro PDF viewer which is closer to the resolution I'm used to seeing with Adobe X.



      When I first ran into the problem I did get an error code and googled it but got zero hits. Unfortunately I didn't write it down and it has stopped giving me the error code but the problem persists. If I run into it again I'll post it.


      I  am using Microsoft, windows 7, and Adobe Reader


      EDIT: you can really see the difference if you open the uploaded images in seperate tabs and view at full resolution (1365x767) instead of the pop ups you get from clicking on them.