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    Page issue: making objects stay


      Hello, I'm working on a dress up game and I have one problem with it. There are so many items of clothing (which are movie clips with the basic drag and drop code) that I had to create different pages for them. I have buttons (labeled like "dresses", "pants" etc) that when clicked on make that group of items appear. So, great. It's just that once an item has been dragged over to the doll and put in place, I want it to STAY there. But as soon as you click on a different page, that item disappears. Is there any way to make items stay on the doll, even though they're part of a page?


      Here's an example of a game that does what I want: see how you can drag a dress onto the doll, go to "undergarments" and the dress is still there? That. xD


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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you are using AS3 you can reparent the object using something along the lines of... dollMC.addChild(droppedObject). though you would need to managae the positioning when doing so.  If the doll had the same registration location relative to the stage as the pages, then you wouldn't need to adjust when the addChild occurs.