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    Adobe premiere Elements 9 Burning dvds & Rendering


      First I have a issue burning DVDs but I'm currently reading and trying this link http://http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/858/cpsid_85811.html whitch has just about everything I need to fix my problem I hope.

      I speed up my rendering speed I tried a few things one this seem to speed up things a little "Defragmenter" defrag your main hard drive that's in use will help some what, and In Msconfig will also help by turning off any unnecessary applications but be careful using Msconfig you can damage your PC if you don't know how to use it also while in Msconfig there's a setting that allows you to use all of your PC memory to run in windows along with use all your processors to that will help in some way.people don't know that while in msconfig click on the boot tab and then advance options you will see "number of processors" click the pull down and select all your processors you have dual/quad/ etc then check the maximum memory box and use all the available memory. this will speed up your PC.

      I've been useing adobe for a little while photoshop 6, 7, 8 and now 9 as well as premiere. I had some issues  but manage to work through them I do some editing and still learning Adobe as i use it

      My lap top is not a new pc but it has some abilities

      HP Pavilion Entertainment PC 17'' HD wide screen, Nvidia 8600 GS dedicated graghics, 2.4 intel dual core 4 Gigs of memory