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    WebHelp fonts inconsistent across different browsers


      I have RoboHelp HTML Version 9. As the rest of this post will explain, I'm hoping Peter Grainge can give some feedback on my question...


      I really like the style/design of the content on www.grainge.org. Very minimalistic and readable.


      Having recently received my "cutting edge" package of TS3, I have been working on a new WebHelp template for the company I now work for. I'm not ashamed to say I tried to emulate many of the style elements Peter uses on his site, which is why I adopted Verdana as my default font.


      I noticed after generating a few topic files and viewing them in my default browser, Chrome, my Verdana font in the main body text looked much tighter than Peter's. So I added a little spacing between the characters and found it much easier on the eyes. Well, this was all fine until I was ready to begin testing the template in other browsers. For the first two I tried, Firefox and MSIE, the body text had much more spacing and the Verdana was almost unrecognizable.


      My first instinct was that it was simply a browser issue out of my control that would have to be accepted. But then I opened up www.grainge.org in the other browsers and... there was absolutely no difference in how the fonts displayed. They were identical.


      So either I'm doing something fundamentally wrong in my CSS styling OR... Peter is using some slight of hand to make his site consistent across all browsers.


      As a possible starter, I was wandering if it might have something to do with the fixed units of size I am using -- "px" and "pt". Perhaps using proportinal "em" might help?


      Thanks in advance for any feedback you can offer.  george509