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    Re authorize my computer


      I was buying books for my sony reader PRS 505, I had ADE on 2 computers, one in my office and one at home, both authorized and had no problems. The trouble started when I decided to buy books from a different supplier and used a different email address for my account, I had no problems downloading to digital editions library but my ebook when connected was not showing and I could not transfer the books I had bought. I tried to authorize the computer but I got the message that the computer was authorized to my old email address. I now have 6 new books in my library that I can't read!! Can anyone help please?

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          Your situation is a result of 'getting out of sync' with your email

          addresses.  There's not a lot that ADE can do, because the download tags for

          the ebooks carry the second email address - and your SONY won't let you

          download ebooks to it that do not have the same email address as the one you

          set it up with.  Thank SONY for this - but it's also done by other ereader



          What I suggest is to contact the ebook supplier, and see if you can reset

          your email address with him to that which makes ADE and your SONY happy, and

          then re-download the ebooks....  Some will - some will not.  If this doesn't

          work, I am not sure what else you can do, short of re-installing ADE

          and your SONY to use the second email address.  You shouldn't have to do

          this, though.