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    Can't See Pages/States. Only States.


      I have created some artwork in Illustrator CS5 to import into FC and after doing so, I notice that I do not have Pages/States, only States. I believe that this is hindering me to make my buttons function properly. I will go into more detail just in case there may be another problem.


      I import my Illustrator artwork into FC. I have my layers named very well with one for my background, my buttons, my logo, and my content. I copy the original state and rename each state to match my buttons, i.e., Home, Gallery, About, Contact. When I convert my buttons, which are vectors, to the button component, I set the up, over, down, and disabled state. The problem is, is that it changes on every state, which I believe should be pages, and I cannot differentiate the buttons between the states. In other words, if I change it on one state, whether it be Home, Gallery, About, or Contact, it changes on all of them. Another mystery is that when I go to "Add Interaction" and set one of the buttons to "play transition to state", when I choose "target" to select the state, there are no states to select. I have to select "Application" and then choose the appropriate state, as if it is an application.


      I hope that this makes sense. Please let me know if you need additional information and thank you in advance for your help. This is frustrating.


      Deric Cain

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          Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

          Under the hood, Flash Catalyst has marked your button to be the same in all the states. If I understand you problem correctly, you need to clone your button to look and have different interactions on each of your application's main states. One quick way to do this is on each of the other states, select the button, then simply Cut and re-paste it. This will create a new instance of the button that is independent from the others. Then you are free to change it without affecting the other 'like' buttons on the other states.



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            If you are using the same button across multiple states and needing differnt actions when pressed then highlight the button and  go to the transaction panel and define your transaction, but under the menu item "in any state" (on the bottom of the panel) choose that state you are currently in. This will allow you to use the same button but change interactions based on your current state. I hope this helps!