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    Seeking AVC-INTRA 100 Export issue to be resolved


      As of CS5 and confirmed in 5.01, 5.02 and 5.03 I still cannot export a complete 90 minute Avc-Intra 100 project via media encoder.  Last time I tried it I ultimately had to break the sequence up into parts.

      IN CS5.03 I select to export my sequence as AVC-INTRA 100, 29.97 progressive, picture only.

      I've cleaned up the cache and made sure the cache was on it's own drive, the source files on another and the resulting avc-intra 100 file saved on another.

      The export out of premiere cs5.03 launches media encoder with last update prior to the 5.5 upgrade.

      Save premiere pro project and close.

      Start media encoder.

      About two hours later media encoder raises an out-of-memory error and stop rendering.


      My system is running WIndows 7.  Latest service pack.  24 gigs of ram.  735 gigs of storage on c drive.  485 gigs of storage on adobe render drive.  949 gigs of storage on my avc-intra output file drive.  And 1 terabyte of storage on the source drive from where the picture file is being read from.


      Would anyone have an answer to this issue?