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    H264 codec and JW Player - CS5,5 bug?

    HilmarGud Level 1

      Hi all,


      I use H264 for a JW Player on Mac (iOS - iPad and iPhone etc). Using Premiere CS 5 and Media Encoder it works fine.


      I tried to upgraded tp CS5,5 and now videos do not play on iOS equipment. With all the same settings. If I export the same file with CS5 it works like a charm.


      Is there a bug in the new Encoder or something like that? Can I use the H264 codec from CS5 in CS5,5?


      Any help would be great.



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          what wrapper for h264? Quicktime? I read some stuff re: stuff like that on iphones etc and the articles said something about doing ogg format and other stuff to make sure stuff plays ok ( but dont think that would change between 5 and 5.5 ). maybe your qt codecs need to be reinstalled or something after upgrade? i use the jw player on a web page for flv only..so dont know about h264