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    Out of memory at line 149

      Hi, I have compiled my help file and it works *mostly* fine.
      However, on certain topics where I have an Image with popups, I will click on a field within the image and get an 'out of memory at line:149" error and then the popup opens in a large window.
      Any ideas what is causing this? It's an IE error, but I suspect it's more to do with how the PC is handling memory. If that is the case, any creative ideas on what to do to reduce the payload? Should I get rid of the popups, reduce the amount of dropdowns/expanding text within the topic that's giving me grief?
      All ideas welcome, cos this is beginning to make my head hurt.
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          Brian.Mccaffery Level 1
          Hello stressielu,

          Check this thread to see if it points you in the right direction.

          Hope it helps,

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            stressielu Level 1
            Thanks Brian, this does seem to be the same thing. Not be a doofus, but how would I manage to have gotten webhelp stuff into the source? and how would I get rid of it (other than chanting voodoo and waving a big stick?)
            thanks so much
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              stressielu Level 1
              *self reply* and to any interested.
              Yes Brian, it WAS corrupted True Code. When I looked at the offending pages, I found this: <input type=hidden name=data value=2A0C021D00000043726561...insert a whole bunch o'more numbers and letters here to the value of about 30PLUS lines...>
              As there was no form on the page, and a reference to ehelp.com, it sure wasn't supposed to be there. Anyway, I thank you for pointing me in the right direction.
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                Brian.Mccaffery Level 1

                Sorry I missed your posts, but being UK based they came in at 2:16 AM and 5:04 AM respectively.

                I'm glad you managed to sort it out. I find that there are very few "new" problems reported here. If I don't know the answer, I use the advanced search and check across multiple forums. Failing that I check Peter and Rick's sites for guidance. If all else fails, I Post or, if I'm trying to help, I concede that I don't know, and watch to see the reply.

                Great source of info here.

                All the best,